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The Wish Flower, by Gurnoor – 4th Grade


One day Cory was in her garden looking for wish flowers. They were magical flowers; you make a wish, and it comes true. Unfortunately, there were no more flowers. So that meant she had to go to the Mountain of Lava, but that was a long way so she needed to pack.

She packed a jacket, rain boots, and other things she needed. Then she got on her flying horse and left. She had heard that there were five stops until she got to the flowers. The first stop was named Frozen Ice. There was ice everywhere. The only way to get through was to have ice skates, but Cory did not have ice skates. She got some frozen shells from her backpack.

She also got some leaves and put them together, but one loose screw fell out of her backpack and she tripped and fell on the ice and her horse too. She couldn’t move, but then a strange girl helped her and her horse by having a sled. Cory and the strange girl started talking and they became friends.

Alison had blonde hair and blue eyes and a backpack and a horse just like Cory. Cory asked, “Are you here for the wish flowers?”

“Yes,” said Alison.

They went to the second stop called Revenge of the Sea. It had creatures everywhere. There were sharks and fish and many more  creatures. They smelled so bad that you could faint, but Alison had two clips, so she put one on her and she gave the other to Cory. They passed over the dead sharks and the fish. After they were past Revenge of the Sea, they were so happy.

They walked for three hours because there was too much snow. The horses would get stuck so they kept pushing the horses until they got to a mountain that was frozen. They touched it, and the ice fell off a hidden door. The door opened, and they went inside and the door closed.

Suddenly they were trapped. There was a staircase that led to a door. It wouldn’t open.They kicked and kicked until the door opened. There was a box,and in the box there was a key. It had the symbol of a dragon. When Cory touched it, an earthquake happened and she was standing on a rock. Suddenly Alison slipped, but Cory grabbed onto her hand. She didn’t have that much time and every minute her hand was slipping faster and faster.

Cory didn’t know what to do, and suddenly Alison fell. She was holding the key that had a symbol on it. So she fell with the key, and when the key dropped onto the rock, it broke into pieces. Now Cory had two jobs. One to find her friend and the other to find the wish flower.

Cory was sad because she lost her friend Alison, but the only thing Cory had of Alison’s was her necklace. She had a quick thought and remembered that if she found the wish flower, she could …

She didn’t get to finish her sentence because she saw a Phoenix bird with her horse and the horse was flying. She got on the horse and flew away.

After 24 hours had passed Cory got up to go to the next stop, the Invisible Island. She couldn’t find it. It was called the Invisible Island because it was just so beautiful. So she walked around in circles for hours, but she couldn’t find the island. Suddenly she stepped in a pool of water by accident, and a water elevator opened.

She went inside and now she knew after all the island was actually invisible. Inside the island everything was made out of water, including the ground. After two seconds she was wet. She heard a noise. She followed it, and then she saw a band playing music. Cory went to the band and said, “Can you help me? I am lost.”

The band said, “Follow me.” They led her into a dark forest. In the forest there was a door in the ground, and she was the last to go in. She heard something and when she looked behind her, she saw a note that said “Alison.” She was scared.

Cory rushed in the door that led her to the Final Stop. In the final stop she saw something she had never seen. She saw nothing. It was just clouds.

When she took a step, she heard something. It was like a voice that said “Help, help” three times. She followed that voice. When the voice stopped, she saw a cage. In that cage she saw her best friend Alison. Alison said, “You must leave. Wish is coming.” She couldn’t finish because immediately she saw something and fainted.

But Cory didn’t see anything. She heard something. Cory tried getting her friend out of the cage, but it was no use until she saw a flower. She touched the flower gently and something white dropped. She caught it and put it in a container and put the drop into the cage. The cage opened.

Cory got her friend and ran. Finally, she led her friend to the door, but then Cory and Alison heard something. Alison said, “That is Wish, the flower maker. He made the wish flower and the wish flower is not good. It’s bad. It doesn’t make your wish come true. It makes you pure evil.”

They turned around and they saw Wish. They also saw a wish flower. They tried to get out. Just then Cory remembered the flower drop. She put it on Wish, and it defeated him.

The portal was closing and they ran in. First, Alison went, but Cory was taking a long time. But she escaped.

Back Again

Cory and Alison were happy. The wish flower didn’t even matter any more. Since they had friendship and that was the most important thing. They went home and unpacked and went outside.

Cory said to Alison, “I will tell you a secret. You know how I took a long time. That was because when we were at the last island I freed you by getting this flower, and I got more flowers. When I got home, I made a potion out of flowers. I will call it Friendship Flower, because friendship is most important.”