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The Orobom, by Danielle – 3rd Grade

Chapter 1

Olivia was an ordinary girl. She lived with her baby brother, big sister and big brother and Mom and Dad. She had black eyes and black hair and she loved purple.

It all began when her friend Genesis’ planet got destroyed and she was sent to Olivia’s planet where it was safe. Genesis was really sad and mad at the same time, because she really missed her Mom and Dad.

At 16 Olivia got all her powers, including x-ray vision and telekinesis. But when Genesis became 16, she turned into Genesis the Worst.

“Why are you so mad,” asked Olivia.

“Go away,” said Genesis. Olivia went away, far away.

Chapter 2

Since Olivia had x-ray vision, she had a vision that Genesis would go to her house again to get revenge on her, although Olivia did not do anything. Olivia was scared because she knew Genesis was stronger than she was. But Olivia knew that Genesis was really sad because her parents were still on the destroyed planet and she got sent away.

So then Olivia went to her Mom’s room, saying, “Mom, Mom, you have to go to the underground house because Genesis will be coming back in about two weeks.”

Olivia’s Mom told the family to pack up. They have to go down to the underground house. But they didn’t have to bring a lot of things; just food, blankets and pillows, because the underground house had about six rooms.

Then Olivia had to go on a very long journey and there was three stops because she had to find three things to get the Orobom.

Chapter 3

Olivia told her Mom that she had to leave.

“Wait,” said her Mom. “Me and your baby brother just made cupcakes.”

“Okay,” said Olivia. “I’ll just take two or three for my long journey.” They were chocolate cupcakes with blueberry icing. “Now it’s time for me to set off for my trip.” The family said their goodbyes to Olivia and she left on her trip.

The first stop that Olivia went to was the Icing Mountain. It was very slippery and hard to climb up and over it. So she came prepared. Once she got close to it she saw a sign that said “Beware. Icing Mountain will break like an avalanche if you yell.”

So Olivia said okay, walked away and got her big rope. She threw up it high in the air. It touched the big tall mountaintop and she started to climb. It took her five or six hours to climb up, but it was worth it and on the top she found a silver spear. She knew she was supposed to get the silver spear. On the spear was carved, “For whoever climbs to the top.” She was happy but she couldn’t be happy for long. She was going to cross the Red Sea.

It was very hard to get across the Red Sea because it was 12 miles and she needed a boat. But she didn’t have a boat. She climbed a little mountain and got her parachute, and jumped off. It was a very windy day, so the wind pushed her very fast. She wasn’t scared because she had parachuted way higher than that, so she was used to it. Then she got the Golden Crown.

Then she had to go through the Green Wood. It was very hard because there were lots of animals and they blended in, because all the animals that lived there were green. So she got something that would help her see whatever animal was green. Then she got across and found the Diamond.

Chapter 4

Olivia was so happy. She ran very fast. She even passed the Orobom and didn’t know it. The Orobom was a ball, a golden ball. You tell it three wishes, and all three wishes will come true and last forever. You can only use the Orobom once, so make a wise choice! Then she stopped running and noticed she had passed it, so she had to run back and get it. So she got it. Then she heard a voice, a familiar voice.

“Olivia,” called the voice.

“I know who are,” said Olivia. “It’s you Genesis, isn’t it?”

“Yes, it is.”

Then Olivia made her three wishes. “I wish Genesis would become nice. I wish my family would be safe forever. And I wish her planet would be fixed up so she can go back to her parents.”

Chapter 5

It all happened. Genesis said, “I will come to visit you, and thank you for saving my family and my planet.” And they all lived happily ever after.