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Note: There are no workshops currently planned during the balance of 2016.  If you would like to be notified when one is scheduled, or would like to discuss the possibility of hosting one at your church, please click here to e-mail Rev. Barnowe.

Our Pastor, Rev. Tracy Barnowe, is a recognized Specialist in church growth. For over 10 years she has consulted with churches and non-profits to create long-term and short-term revitalization plans that work.

Rev Tracy Barnowe
Rev Tracy Barnowe

Demand for these have grown so much that this year, Rev. Barnowe is trying something new: Instead of consulting with one church at a time. she will be conducting all-day Church Growth Workshops for multiple teams from interested churches. These will be scheduled in two locations: a) here at FCC San Rafael and b) at UCC Livermore in the East Bay. 

She has created two all-day workshops addressing key steps in improving your church’s ability to attract and retain new members.  In both workshops, the emphasis will be on practical techniques and live role-playing exercises. To download a flyer with complete information on either workshop, click the links below.

The workshops are priced for a team from your church to attend, since that’s by far the most effective way to learn these techniques.  A single fee of $500 pays for up to five participants from the same church.

Workshop #1: Newcomer Retention — This workshop focuses on practical steps you can take to increase the likelihood that first-time visitors will return a second time. One Bay Area church using these techniques achieved an 88% return rate for first-time visitors.  We will cover comfortable ways to engage visitors and practical, effective ways to follow-up with them
To download more information on Workshop #1 Click here

Workshop #2 Interpersonal Outreach — This workshop addresses ways to overcome the reluctance that members of progressive churches often feel to doing personal outreach on behalf of their church:  “Won’t people think I’m pushy?” “Isn’t that more what fundamentalists do?” Rev. Barnowe will teach ways to talk to others about your church that are authentic, personal and comfortable.
To download more information on Workshop #2, Click here

I want to encourage folks to attend this workshop. I attended Tracy’s compressed workshop last year at AG, and since I’ve implemented her suggestions for visitor follow-up, we’ve had amazing results! Something like 85% of our first-time visitors have returned at least once, and of those, some 70% have continued to attend and become involved in our community. Tracy’s methods WORK!” – Brenda Loreman, Niles Discovery Church, UCC in Fremont

We had good luck with the script we learned. This past Sunday we had 5 new people and got contact info for all of them and [our Welcome Minister] has set up coffee dates with three of them!!….this stuff really works!” – Irene Laudeman, Metropolitan Community Church of San Francisco
This is a great workshop and a process that really works. I highly recommend it.” Jeff Spencer, Niles Discovery Church UCC in Freemont