Listen to Pastor Sally’s First Sermon

On Sunday, January 24, 2016 seven our our youth helped prepare a delicious meal for the ladies at the REST Shelter the following evening. They worked together under the direction of Marion Long, David Knopf and Pastor Tracy. The kids chopped garlic, fried meat, melted butter, whipped batter, sliced bread, and together assembled three beefy lasagnas, two large green salads, two loaves of garlic bread, a yellow cake with chocolate frosting, and a pan of brownies. The next night another group of seven kids met at Marin Health and Wellness Center to serve the meal. They set and decorated the tables, laid out the buffet, served fifteen ladies dinner and dessert, and helped to clean up.

The kids were cautioned not to get rowdy or play, as they might distress the ladies. However, by the end of the evening, the ladies were teaching the kids the Macarena and the kids were demonstrating dance moves to the tune Rockin’ Robin. Everyone was singing together with much joy and laughter. There were lots of hugs, mutual requests for prayer, and great fellowship.  Pastor Tracy talked about the transformative nature of the experience in her sermon the following Sunday. (Click to hear.)