Listen to Pastor Sally’s First Sermon

December 4, 2016 “Receiving the Good News”

For the second Sunday in Advent, Pastor Tracy used the traditional story of Zechariah’s Vision  (Luke 1:5-20) as a jumping-off point for a consideration of what our role should be as a social Justice church in this scary new post-election world. Her conclusion was a ringing re-affirmation of our role in a world where the most vulnerable among us have new reasons to be afraid.

We will chose life over death. We will choose hope over despair. We will choose joy over mourning. We will not just welcome people to our doors. We will reach out to all those who suffer, all who fear, all who are in danger, and we will stand with them.  We will support them and protect them . . . Tell them we are here.  Tell them we want to help.  At their best, churches are sanctuaries where all people can find God in community.  Tell them we are a church at its best. Because people are asking, and people are listening, and people are seeking sanctuary, and people are coming. And we are ready for them.