Listen to Pastor Sally’s First Sermon

May 21, 2017 “Looking Toward Heaven”

On Ascension Sunday, Pastor Tracy examines the actions of the disciples during their last meeting with Jesus (Acts 1:1-11) and finds they have a shortcoming familiar to all of us today: an inability to see a truly new possibility when it appears . . . a failure of imagination.  Despite having witnessed the profound drama of the Passion and Resurrection, their first question for Christ is about leading them in a political uprising against Rome.

Similarly, Pastor Tracy suggests that many of us, despite the profound changes taking place in the world around us, are still asking the same old questions. She challenges us instead to take a step back, and ask ourselves the more profound, difficult ones:

  1. What are we hoping for?
  2. What are we looking for, and where are we looking for it?
  3. What are we waiting for?