Listen to Pastor Sally’s First Sermon

The Face of Christ

“Salvation” happens here

What does “Salvation” really mean in today’s world?  Drawing on the familiar words of Matthew 25:31-46, Rev. Train suggests that being “saved” has always been about actions more than beliefs or confession. She supports this idea with two moving real-world examples of people who were transformed not by words, but by the hands-on work of helping others.

We closed by reciting together the following Litany of Belief

Leader: We believe in a light that smothers darkness. It tears through every shadow in our world and leaves a clarity brighter than the sun.
People: We name that light God!

Leader: We believe in a love that crushes hatred, and leaves a space for forgiveness, to rebuild, redesign and re-create our world.
People: We name that love God!

Leader: We believe in a truth that rips through injustice, revealing a different vision for our world — of freedom, fairness, and future.
People: We name that truth God!

Leader: We believe in a hope that rattles oppressors, shaping the intent of the Creator for a people destined for love.
People: We name that hope God!

Leader: We believe in a time toward which all history travels, where all our lives are held, and bound into eternity.
People: We name that time God!