“God of the Refugee” Watch a message from our youth
Here are the volunteers jobs for Sunday Worship   If you have questions, please check with Gwendolyn in the office.
DateLiturgistGreetersRefreshmentsAltar set-up & Communion servers
June 4Annie Song-HillMichael & Tristan Cline
Michael ChanSet-up: Jackie Dema
Servers:Tristan & Michael Cline Meehan
June 11David KnopfJean NadellHilary SpauldingSet-up: Julie Dowling
June 18Louis FrostLynn GrantHelen MacLamSet-up: Hilary Spaulding
June 25Jim GirardJackie DemaJackie DemaSet-up: Marion Long
July 2
Lynn GrantMichael & Tristan Cline MeehanbMegan FullerSet-up: Mary & Julie Dowling
Servers:Tristan & Michael Cline Meehan
July 9Judy GirardNancy MahlLynn GrantSet-up: Nancy Mahl
July 16
Louis FrostLynn GrantJulie DawlingSet-up: Cathi Fuller
July 23David KnopfJackie DemaAlana IntraterSet-up: Cathi Fuller
July 30Annie Song-HillJulie DowlingHilary SpauldingSet-up: Hilary Spaulding
August 6
Louis FrostJean NadellSet-up: Caryl Hodges
Servers: Sean & Allison Kaufman
August 13Lucinda RayNancy MahlSet-up: Jackie Dema
August 20
Caryl HodgesCaryl Hodges, Sean & Allison KaufmanSet-up: Marion Long
August 27Michael MeehanLynn GrantSet-up: Nancy Mahl
September 3Annie Song-HillMichael & Tristan Cline MeehanSet-up: Mary & Julie Dowling
Servers:Tristan & Michael Cline Meehan
September 10David KnopfJean NadellSet-up: Julie Dowling
September 17Richard WalkerDenise WalkerSet-up:Hilary Spaulding
September 24Jim GirardJackie DemaSet-up: Mary Dowling