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Miles is Coming, by Mercy – 6th Grade

The Pines family bought a new house in a lovely neighborhood. The town was normal but not the house. Tommie, a 9-year-old boy moved into the house with his little sister, 6-year-old Elly and his mom and dad. They had been in the car for seven hours and were exhausted.

When they arrived, Tommie got goosebumps going all through his body. They were on his face, arms, and legs. It was the biggest thing Tommie ever seen.  He ran into the house and went to his new room. But he didn’t know which one was his. There were five rooms and he found two bathrooms.

“Dad which one is my room?’’ Tommie asked, “There’s like five rooms and a bathroom!’’

“There’s your room,” responded his Dad as he pointed to the left, “Hope you like it.”

Tommie was all shocked when he took his first step inside his new room. It was bigger than his other room which was small and no space for a bed.

“No fair you get the big room!’’ Elly whined, “I’m telling Daddy!” she ran down stairs and started screaming for her Dad.  

But Tommie didn’t care.  He just unpacked his things. In his old house, Elly and he had to share a room together. All Tommie ever wanted was his own room. Tommie knew that his wish would come true and it did.

When he was done unpacking, Tommie went over to his sister’s room. The first thing he saw was every color of pink! Elly had pink hearts and butterflies on her plain white wall. Pink books, pink everything. Tommie’s least favorite color was pink. He felt like he was in a princess’s magical world.

“Where am I?” Tommie whispered.

“In my room dude!” responded Elly. “Where else would you be?”

“I wasn’t talking to you,” said Tommie.

“Well, I don’t care.”

He went downstairs for dinner. In the middle of the table, there was this large pepperoni pizza. Once he was done eating his pizza, he went to his room and was getting ready for bed.

The next two weeks, Tommie went to a school called “Mineral K-8 school.’’ Tommie was so excited. When Tommie and his sister arrived, they were so shocked. The school was huge! It was all white/yellow and had inside hallways. Tommie felt a lot of emotion going through his mind.

When he entered the big school, everyone was shocked to see Tommie. Everyone keeps looking at and whispering about me, Tommie thought to himself. “Why are they all talking about me? Did I do something? What did I do?” At lunch Tommie sat down to a shady tree. He still wondered why everyone was talking about him.

“Hi there,” said a boy with red hair, glasses and freckles on his face. “Can I sit here?”

“Sure,” said Tommie, “Why is everyone talking about me?”

“I know why. It’s because your house is haunted!” Tommie was so shocked at what he had just heard.

“No it’s not true!”

“It is.”

Tommie told his family at dinner time. But no one believed him.

“Tommie, it’s just a silly old story. Our house is not haunted,” said his Dad.

“But it’s true. Everyone at my new school knows.” But still no one believed him. Tommie remembered what the boy told him, that the house would be haunted on October 13. Tommie looked at the calendar. It said “October 13.

Tommie then stood silent for a moment. He could not even move a muscle. Today was the day his house was being haunted.

That night, Tommie was so terrified that he could not sleep. He slept with his bear, lion, horse, and bunny. When Tommie woke up at 3:00 in the morning, he had a very weird feeling. All his toys were in a different place and all looked at him deep in his eyes.

But the one that was looking at him was his teddy bear. Tommie got closer to it and then the teddy bear jumped on his face and started to tackle on him. Tommie started screaming as loud as he could. Then the teddy bear and all the other toys started to do a creepy low laugh. Then the bear grabbed him down under his bed and had a sharp thing in his hand. All of a sudden his Mom came rushing to his room.

“Tommie!” yelled his Mom. “What are you doing under the bed?”

“The bear was dragging me under my bed. It had something in his hand!”

“Your teddy bear?”


“But your bear is on your bed.”