Each month a bunch of us get together to watch a movie.  Our preference is for small films that didn’t attract a lot of box-office attention but have something to say about the human condition. That said, over the years we’ve watched movies of every type (except flying-body-parts action flicks.)    We usually meet on the last Friday of the month in the DeHaan Center at Pilgrim Park, which is equipped with a high definition big screen, comfortable easy chairs, fresh coffee and a microwave for the all-important free popcorn.

Join us!

Here’s what’s coming up in the months ahead

  • March 27 “The Attack”  This 2012 film from Lebanese director Ziad Doueiri forces us to confront our convenient stereotypes about the players in the middle east. A secular Palestinian surgeon is living a successful, assimilated life in Tel Aviv when he learns that his wife may have been the suicide bomber in a terrorist attack. His quest to find out what happened and why make for gripping, challenging viewing.